Eramosa provides our clients with an end-to-end solution through data management, reporting and through optional integration into their existing SCADA system.

Hydrant DATA ROD

An innovative application to monitoring water distribution system pressures.

We have developed a non interrupting on line water distribution system pressure monitoring system for compression type wet and dry barrel fire hydrants.

This application can be used in all climates without any interference to the operation and maintenance of the hydrant and can be easily relocated from one hydrant to another of the same manufacturer.


  • enhanced on line hydraulic overview of the
    distribution system.
  • calibration of hydraulic modelling programs.
  • system hydraulic profiling.
  • alarm on low pressure events to avoid backsiphonage
    and water quality degradation.
  • alarm on high pressure events to avoid damage to the system.
  • monitoring for unauthorized hydrant operation.
  • multiple methods of data collection including integration to a SCADA system.
  • reduced maintenance costs due to stainless steel retrofitting.
  • a cost effective solution compared to building a chamber to house a pressure transmitter.